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Clipart fort is free resource for teachers, educators, churches, and anyone who needs quality stock art. All artwork is posted free of charge with license restrictions. We are also working to add other resources such as teaching aids, coloring books and activity sheets. Check back soon as we’re just getting started.


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  1. Langley Iddins
    / Reply

    I just came across a vector cartoon drawing of a Badgers head after a search. I would like to use the image. In google search it is associated with I cannot, however, find it when doing a search within your site. I can send you a copy of the image if you woul like.

  2. admin
    / Reply

    Hi Langley, sorry for the confusion. We are moving the images over to our new CMS, since the old one was much harder to manage and update. We plan to have most of the images posted by next week. In the mean time you can use this temporary link to view the previous clipart we posted: I believe the badger image is not there but I will see if can post it later today to this site. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Josh
    / Reply


    What can I do if I want to use one of these images as part of a business logo? It’s just a small side business that really has no establishment yet. I wanted to use one of your laptop people as a cover photo on my Facebook page.

    Thank you,

    • admin
      / Reply

      Feel free to use it.

  4. Mike Laubenstein
    / Reply

    How do I go about getting permission to use the badger drawing. A local club I belong to, here in Wisconsin, would like to use a similar design on a shoulder patch. There would be no text. Just the drawing.
    Thank you

    • admin
      / Reply

      It’s free to use.

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    It's free to use.
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    How do I go about getting permission to use the…